Our Guarantee

No Stress, No Worry

One of the major problems faced by sellers today is the time it takes to find the right buyer for their home. Getting locked in a lengthy listing agreement with an inexperienced real estate agent can cost your home valuable time, money and interrupt your timeframe for moving. This is why you need the expertise of The Gouveia Real Estate Team.

The Gouveia Team Guarantee

At The Gouveia Real Estate Team, we are always ready to offer you outstanding services that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. In the event that you are not satisfied with our services, all we ask is that you contact us immediately with any issues in writing and allow us up to 48 hours to make the necessary corrections. We are always ready to provide high-quality services that will exceed your expectations.

Sellers Consultation

This is the first meeting that takes place between you and our team to discuss the marketing and sale of your home. Some of the topics we will be covering include our proven marketing plan to expose your home in front of as many able and willing buyers as possible, how to enhance the presentation of your home through staging, professional photography and virtual tours to showcase your property for that amazing first impression that consumers will experience. Also, we will cover pricing strategies to position ourselves greater than our competitors and to net you the most money. We will answer any questions you may have and we will go over the expectations on what takes place from the time you hire us to the closing and beyond.


A home that is in good condition and is appealing to the eye will command a higher value. This stage is very important to discuss as this will help us showcase your property in the best condition as possible and so our presentation of your home, through our marketing, increases the buyer interest. We will go through your home to point out areas where we recommend improvements that will be the least cost to you, but with the greatest return. If you are not able to do the repairs yourself or you don’t have access to contractors, we have a large list of preferred licensed contractors that we can refer to you to take the stress away from you as we prepare your home for the market.

Home Staging

According to the National Association of Realtors, homes that are staged sell quicker and for more money than its counterparts. This phase begins once any necessary home improvements have been completed. Home staging involves furniture placement, home décor, making the home look beautiful and inviting, making rooms look larger, decluttering, obtaining an adequate amount of natural light and so forth. Our competent team of professionals at The Gouveia Real Estate Team will go over this phase in more detail on site.


This phase is extremely important to put the finishing touches on all of our efforts in making your home look the very best. Having the absolute best photography that the industry has to offer, enhances all the hard work that went into preparing your home up to this point.


This phase is the catalyst to all the previous phases. During this time, we take the very best presentation of your home and market it, not only locally, but around the globe to countries that are currently saving home searches in your area. We believe what separates ourselves from our competitors, is we have studied and have been trained on online and social media marketing that has allowed us to obtain online consumer shopping habits. This enables us to know exactly who is looking for a home like yours, where they are from, and how to get your listing on front of their eyes, even before they actually become active buyers. We will be the megaphone to the world to make sure everyone knows your home is for sale.


During this phase, our transaction coordinator at The Gouveia Real Estate Team along with attorneys, lenders, realtors, sellers and buyers start to gather all the final details needed for a successful closing day. This step requires great attention to details and is handled by an exclusive transaction expert. This is the power of our team as we put the most talented team members in the position where they will excel and provide our clients with the very best quality and level of service. We will lead you every step of the way for a stress-free closing.

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