Meet The Team




Daniel Gouveia, Broker/Owner of the Gouveia Real Estate Team in partnership with Keller Williams Realty, is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Born to a carpenter and a real estate investor, Daniel inherited a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the value of real estate. Throughout his career, Daniel has honed his skills, specializing in providing exceptional service to a diverse clientele. Whether assisting a seller, guiding a first-time homebuyer, or collaborating with an investor, Daniel consistently prioritizes honesty, integrity, and community in all aspects of his business.

As a business partner with his daughter, Courtney, Daniel recognizes the significance of creating lifestyles that align with his clients' dreams. Being a family-owned and run business, the team genuinely comprehends the unique needs of their clients and their loved ones. Daniel's expertise extends to negotiations, where his years of experience shine. He navigates the ever-changing market with a deep understanding of industry trends, ensuring that his clients receive the very best skills and services. His commitment to providing exceptional service has positioned Daniel Gouveia as a trusted name in real estate, dedicated to realizing the dreams of those he serves.


Outside the bustling world of real estate, Daniel Gouveia finds joy in various personal pursuits. Committed to holistic well-being, Daniel incorporates gym sessions, meditation, and spa experiences into his routine, prioritizing self-improvement and development. Each day, he dedicates time to working on himself, striving to make today better than yesterday. Family and friends hold a special place in Daniel’s heart. Whether enjoying fine dining, watching movies, or spending quality time together, he cherishes the bonds that bring joy and fulfillment to his life. For leisure on the water, Daniel embraces the freedom of his boat, and his beach house becomes a retreat where relaxation meets the rhythm of the waves. His commitment to personal growth and the pursuit of a fulfilling life shines through in every facet of his daily journey.



Vice President - Realtor


Meet Courtney Gouveia, Vice President of the Gouveia Real Estate Team, boasting a distinguished career as a licensed Realtor since 2017. From a young age, Courtney's immersion in the real estate world began alongside her father, Daniel Gouveia, where she quickly grew a profound passion for the industry. Her journey in real estate spans a diverse array of roles, from administrative assistance to office management, transaction coordination, marketing specialization and into a full time Realtor. This multifaceted experience has endowed Courtney with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring her adeptness in every facet of the business. A graduate of Bridgewater State University with a degree in Business Management and Marketing, Courtney excelled both academically and athletically as a collegiate softball player and team captain. Her competitive collegiate experience, coupled with her upbringing steeped in her father's work ethic, has honed her into an ambitious and industrious professional.

Aligned with her father's principles, Courtney prioritizes integrity, honesty, and fostering a strong sense of community in her work. With a relentless dedication to excellence and a commitment to exceeding client expectations, Courtney exemplifies professionalism and expertise in the dynamic realm of real estate.


Courtney truly values the balance between work and leisure. Outside of her busy career, Courtney cherishes quality time with her family and close-knit circle of friends. She loves sports, traveling, being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and nature. Courtney is also a coffee enthusiast and believes the start to a great day starts with a great cup of coffee. Whether unwinding on a sandy beach or lounging poolside, Courtney finds solace and rejuvenation in moments of relaxation. With an adventurous spirit and a heart full of gratitude, Courtney embraces life's adventures with open arms.

Elite Assistance Inc.


Elite Assistance Inc. is an Independent Real Estate Operations company that our team has partnered with for many years to manage our clients Marketing and Transactions. They offer exceptional service to make your home stand out on the market and reach the largest audience possible as well as provide outstanding customer service. Once we have accepted an offer on your home their team will continue the seamless experience by assisting with all the paperwork and communications to bring us to closing.


Erin Prouty is the Owner and founder and works with our clients directly. Erin has 20 years experience as a licensed Realtor and real estate operations director. Erin's team includes her Marketing Coordinator, Breanna Peck, a licensed Realtor and marketing specialist and Julia Bernasconi her assistant Transaction Coordinator who assists with all the closing details.